Virtual Credit Card : the benefit AVS

Published: 23rd June 2011
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virtual credit card AVS (Address Verification System) with 8 years expired period, is well suited when used for your Paypal account verification. In addition to longer expired time, and certainly more expenses saving if compared with 3 month VCC .

As for the benefits of AVS virtual credit card 8 years expired periods are as follows:

1. Longer expire period which is 8 years.

2. More save your spending compared using 3 months Virtual credit card.

3. More limitation resistant if compared with 3 months Virtual credit card .

4. Can be used to verify Paypal, Adword, Alertpay, Facebook, Moneybokers, Ioffer, and many more

5. Online checking balances and statements.

Expuse code instant received immediately after the AVS virtual credit card linking to your Paypal account . The data used for Virtual credit card registration in accordance with your identity, so the AVS Virtual credit card information will similar to your personal CC.The AVS Virtual Credit Card can be used 2 times. Example : you can use to up Ads first, then AVS Virtual credit card can still be used again for verified your Paypal account, this is due to balance large enough which is $ 5.

Virtual credit card works just like a real credit card and can be used at any web sites, online merchants, and online stores over the internet where payments by credit card are accepted: PayPal, CCBill, iBill, ClickBank, eFax, Mcafee, Norton Antivirus, 2Checkout, iTunes US, Google Checkout, Google Adwords, Moneybookers US, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, GoDaddy and many more. Virtual credit card can be used to pay for recurring charges, subscriptions, memberships and other periodic payments.

Simply shop anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Cards can be used for both online and offline purchases over the phone.It is a virtual card with a preloaded $5 amount that supports AVS (address verification system) and may be used to verify PayPal accounts. Simply add a PayPal VCC as a credit card or debit card to your PayPal account.

Then check your card statement absolutely FREE and get a four (4) digit expuse code (expanded use code) from it. Become PayPal verified and raise your limits! In some cases it is necessary to register your card before adding it to PayPal. The card can be registered with any country and can be used to verify US and international PayPal accounts and also can be used to verify Facebook, Google Adwords, AlertPay, Ioffer and other similar online accounts.

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